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Draw a Bird Day | Day 8 World Watercolor Month

I was in the middle of painting todays piece when I remembered that today was Draw a Bird day. I hadn’t joined in before since 1. I kind of fear drawing animals (I have no idea why when I love animals to bits) and 2. its always something I hear about a day or two too late. So this time around I had a nice early reminder and took the opportunity to face a challenge. What’s World watercolor Month if not for challenging yourself while having fun right?

I took the fun route and painted in an illustrative style and decided to try the simplest way possible and came up with this little method.


I tried another and then,  I couldn’t stop – a couple birds later I had filled the little page with these


This was a super fun challenge indeed! I’m glad I gave it a go. ^_^



15 thoughts on “Draw a Bird Day | Day 8 World Watercolor Month

  1. My favourite is the pink flying one. I usually miss it too – I suddenly see all these bird drawings on the 10th and think “doh!” but was paying attention this month 🙂

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  2. Welcome to the bird party, Sissh! I love your feathered friends, especially the one in flight (with the red belly). Also, this fulfills our little challenge of the animal/sand dollar, so it is a double win! 😘

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    1. Yay! Thanks Carol its a rocking party to be a part of. Everyone has such delightful paintings.
      I’m so glad you count these little scribbles as fullfilment of the challenge! Your sand dollar being so good and all. But double yay for a double win 😀 no need to tell me twice lol I’ll take it!

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