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Doodley day | Day 5 World Watercolor Month

I only have doodles to post today. I have a portrait that I started too late and a landscape I wasn’t too happy with. So I decided to just take a break and doodle. It turned out rather well, I think (I took it really seriously I’m sure you can tell ^_^)  so I thought I’d post it instead, along with some other doodles from random days that I’m happy with.

doodle_bush_leaves_watercolour_sisshart feathers_watercolour_sisshart floral_leafy_watercolour_sisshart splattered_heart-watercolour_sisshart



20 thoughts on “Doodley day | Day 5 World Watercolor Month

  1. So fun! Again, I enjoy the leaves outside the circle. Write Happy Birthday in the blue space and you would have a perfect greeting card! Today I have been piddling with random subjects and tried to do a feather from my imagination and failed miserably. After seeing yours, maybe I will try again. Sometimes playful doodles are enough 😉

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    1. So glad you like ’em! A greeting card – now thats an idea! 😀 I’m so happy my silly doodles helped in some way – I was feeling odd about posting tbh but being serious about art all the time kinda gets tough on the arting. Have tons of fun doodling! ^_~

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    1. *gasp!* thats is such a big compliment – thank you! 😀 And of course I wouldn’t mind at all! I’d only ask if you could link back to my blog or instagram. You can email me for the one you want through the ‘get in touch’ form if you’d like. 🙂 You’re so sweet!

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    1. Aw Laura, you’re always so kind. ^_^ Thanks so much! But tbh I’ve seen plenty more wonderful creations on your own and others’ blogs – I get inspired daily and I love it! 🙂

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