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Minimal watercolour | Day 3 World Watercolor Month


Trying my hand at minimal colouring. I think this has been more successful than previous attempts with portraits.

I started with a sketch done with a black polychromos pencil and intentionally applied as little colour as possible.


8 thoughts on “Minimal watercolour | Day 3 World Watercolor Month

  1. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! Now something like this, maybe I could try. You have done a beautiful job with this and I love the composition, Sissh! First of all, love the Polychromos, so I’m glad you’re a Poly girl. Secondly, thanks for showing me what we need to see and what we don’t need. I have been so afraid of painting faces. I am dying to try this technique. You have inspired me to do this right away! Bless your bones! 💜💜💜

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    1. Aw Laura! You went and put a big ol’ silly grin on my face! Thank you. I’m so happy this inspires you – you being so inspitational yourself! I just know you’re gonna rock it when you give it a go – its rather freeing to allow yourself not to put it all the detail. Happy experimenting! 😉

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