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Sunset Mountain | Day 2 World Watercolor Month

sunset_mountain_watercolour_sigThis started off as another attempt at abstract but I got carried away and got more realistic than planned. I used a little acrylic on this; a tiny dab of very diluted black that I mixed with watercolour. I went lightly over the almost dry watercolour layer of the foreground silhouette. A little made it to the sky as well. I was so surprised at how smoothly it made the watercolour paint spread across the paper. The under painting was dry and normally if I apply paint straight in without wetting the page first I get defined brush marks or drying streaks (I know I shouldn’t’ve even attempted that on a sky! classic beginner mistake I know) but I’m so glad that didn’t happen with the added acrylic.
Another thing I noticed as I was waiting for it to dry was that I anticipated a little fading as watercolours tend to do. But it didn’t happen. This surprised me because I’d put in so little I didn’t expect it to make much difference.
I think I’ll be incorporating acrylics to some future paintings. These results are addicting.



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