Landscapes · Watercolour

Faraway Lake Landscape

I went with a landscape today. An image I found over at awelltraveledwoman‘s tumblr page.


My anxieties have been doing my head in lately and landscapes have a peaceful nature about them so after a couple sketches of people that weren’t taking me anywhere I opted for a landscape instead. I think I’ll be sticking to these circles for a while to come whenever I do landscapes. ^_^



10 thoughts on “Faraway Lake Landscape

  1. I like this landscape and really enjoy the circles. Hope your anxieties calm down and know how miserable that is. Close your eyes, breathe deep, place yourself in your delightful landscape, and give it up in prayer. I will do the same and meet you there 😉

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  2. Oh yeah, anxiety brought me to art, so I feel ya and hear ya. This one is beautiful, and I really love your use of the white space. I need to bring more white into my work (or leave more white in, well you know what I mean). A great homeopathic for anxiety is Rescue Remedy (flower essences, they sound like hocus pocus but they do work wonders)……I need to get back to the yoga, starting today. Peace to you, Sissh. ❤

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    1. Its great that we have art to help ease some anxiety. Its one of the reasons I’m so excited about WWM (for kids who would otherwise not have the opportunities and also people in general who wouldn’t think to try it out otherwise…) Yeah leaving that bit of white in areas counts for a lot! it took me quite me a while to get used to it since I get so hung up on picking and mixing colours, etc. >_<
      I'm all for natural remedies so I appreciate your recommendation! I love herbal teas and such and find those do a good job too. Good for you getting back to Yoga. 😀 I do stretch, breath and pray most mornings and at times during the day but I just haven't been keeping up with any sort of balance these days. All the best and thanks a bunch! 🙂

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