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Girl wearing floral scarf and bow


I realised only after I started on this that I should’ve picked a theme for the week. I think I’ll let that go for now.
I posted the sketch up on instagram beacause I wasn’t feeling up to painting but I know that if I am to get any better/further I have to keep it up. And posting it there meant I could hold myself accountable to actually finishing it.

Here’s what it looked like before doing the hair.


I really liked it at this point and wanted to leave it. I had a fear that I’d mess up the hair but I guess it didn’t turn out so bad. The scarf has a light peachy tone to it but that didn’t pick up when it scanned.



6 thoughts on “Girl wearing floral scarf and bow

  1. So well put together with the colors of the skin tone, hair textures and highlights, and the soft colors of the scarf. Even though she is not outwardly smiling, I am :). Happy Tuesday, Sissh!

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  2. This is incredible, Sissh! I can’t imagine someone like you ever doubting your skill or being afraid they’ll mess up a piece, but I guess it happens to us all. I am so glad you stuck with this and that you’re posting daily because you have gorgeous results! Thanks for sharing and inspiring us all!

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      1. Your skills are there – your work is splendid! Nothing less. 🙂
        This doubt, though, I have no idea what to make of it maybe its an artist/creater thing. When I see yours and other peoples art I see it has no basis but why it persists beats me. :/ lol

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