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Kawaii Panda Hat

panda_cutie-watercolour_sigAnother painting inspired by a BJD; this time, one wearing a panda hat that I just had to draw. The doll had blue hair, I think but I can’t remember clearly. I got so taken by the image in my head that I went straight onto painting after roughly finishing my pencil sketch and got zoned into it for about 2 hours. I love sessions like that; where I don’t think about anything besides the painting until I’m done. I even remembered to add in the light reflecting in the eyes at the end! (which I did using a white gel pen) lol sometimes I forget the little details…



12 thoughts on “Kawaii Panda Hat

    1. Thanks a ton, Laura! It took me ages of sketching and practising before I got the hang of faces – and even now I mess up quite frequently so your comment means a lot! 😀
      Being in the ‘zone’ or ‘flow’ is great I wish it weren’t so hard to get into. And happened more often…!

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