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Girl with Multicoloured Hair

I had to switch my focus today. I found myself procrastinating and when I do that its usually because I’ve somehow put pressure on myself again.

So instead of a landscape, I picked out one of my drawings from this week and began painting. But long story short – I messed it up. It was such a shame too because I thought it was quite cool. I plan to redraw it though – or paint into it digitally – which I haven’t done in ages. (good thing I scanned the drawing before painting) here it is – for interests sake:

This is the first drawing. I thought it would make a cute and cool painting. (click for a larger image)

Anyway enough about that. Without lingering too long at my failure I picked out another drawing.

The second drawing I picked out. I din't get to scan this one in so I'm glad it worked out! ^_^
The second drawing I picked out. I din’t get to scan this one in so I’m glad it worked out! ^_^ (click for larger image)

I took a breath and thought “just have fun with it” and that actually worked. ^_^


Nothing perks you up like a few funky colours. I personally like pastel tones but bright is good sometimes.

Both these were inspired by BJD’s – which I love and never fail to inspire, in my opinion.


11 thoughts on “Girl with Multicoloured Hair

  1. Sissh, as an older person, I wish I had been self-assured enough to wear my hair as fun and cool as your painting. It would look kind of funny on my old head now, but your painting is simply wonderful!

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    1. What I really meant was I wish I was self-assured enough as a young person to wear my hair like that! However, I am sure my parents would have frowned upon it. As I grow older, the more I think this type of self-expression is so harmless yet freeing 🙂

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      1. I know what you mean – what a difference a few years makes! These days it’s like at every turn I see funky hair. It seems such a bold and fun move to express individuality/uniqueness outwardly. I’d say its an art in itself. But you know; even though its not ‘out there’ I see your bright and colourful personality all the same. Thanks for sharing – its pretty awesome you think this painting is cool too! 😀

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      2. Sissh, you are so right about the years and the artsy expression of hair. Thanks for the kind words – I try to find joy in things everywhere and feel that especially the little things should be celebrated. There is so much negativity in the world, and sharing a little joy with someone can go a long way! I wish you the most joyous day with tree boughs outside the circle 🙂

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      3. So very true there’s just too much negativity. I absolutely love your outlook – the world needs more of that logic in the world.
        ‘Tree boughs outside the circle’ i LOVE that! Lol thank you; I hope you have a fantastic one yourself! ♥^_^

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