Landscapes · Watercolour

A Path Painted

a path between trees painted in watercolour
This is too much detail! (I like it though. ^_^)

Yesterday I was in a zone and I knew what I wanted and how. Today I got lost a bit. I was all over the place… making mistakes, then jumping to unrelated sketching and using precious time doodling randomly (I say used, not wasted, because I was trying hand-lettering and flourishes again). I have more than a few sketches I’ve yet to add colour to or finish painting but I’ve been very scattered this week – today more so than any other day. No pressure though – I’m keeping it light this week after all. And although I feel I’ve backtracked in my attempt at the minimalism I so desire; I’m cool with it.



10 thoughts on “A Path Painted

    1. You noticed! lol Yay! I really like that effect as well but sometimes I’m so tentative its hard to tell I’ve tried anything at all (like here) – I didn’t think it would be noticeable after all. Thank you Carol! 😀

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