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Exploring the Abstract

I used today for exploring colour and texture. I was so tempted to use acryllics (the paintings I had in mind would’ve been much easier that way) but I want to explore as much as possible using watercolour as my primary medium.

Here I applied white acrylic gesso randomly in the centre. I used masking fluid only in the corners. before the gesso dried off I used the cap of my aquash to roll in the little lines there. And finally I added the paint; little by little waiting for each layer to dry before making changes/ making areas darker.
There is an under painted abstract painting under all that paint here. I didn’t like it much so I used it as scrap to peel off/pick up paint from another larger painting I was working on at the same time. Surprisingly I liked the effects. I added a few dry brush strokes to add more detail in the final layer.

These paintings are the ones that look like something more than the others do. My abstracts tend to look somewhat like landscapes even though I almost never set out thinking ‘landscape’. I end up seeing a landscape and working towards expressing one either way.
Watercolour is unpredictable but I’m pretty sure thats not the reason my abstracts are… what they are. (¬_¬;) Suffice it to say I’ll be exploring some more tomorrow. I’m not happy yet.



12 thoughts on “Exploring the Abstract

    1. Thank you, Laura! I’ve had to do soo many to keep from the mud too! 😀 Especially yesterday. I’m learning to wait patiently between layers and then adding only a little more colour at a time. The texture on the first one was created by using white acrylic gesso, which I applied directly on the paper before the paints. ( I wrote the process in the caption but it doesn’t seem to show! :/)

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      1. Patience has got to be the hardest part! I try to have more than one painting in progress to distract myself from fussing too much.
        You should use gesso when you get time – I’m so sure you’d do amazing things with it!

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