Landscapes · Watercolour

Day 7: Forest Landscapes


Nothing beats reading in a comfy, peaceful spot. When I saw the reference image I had to paint it. I had started on a few other pencil sketches but I wasn’t feeling too good about them. I may go back to those another time but for today, this.
I didn’t do much  layering on this and painted directly onto dry paper (except for the sky which is really faint – scanning doesn’t pick up really light areas). Sometimes, it helps to paint this way – with less fuss. Especially after almost ruining yesterdays. The effect is slightly different but I like it too.

Also, I have an extra painting to show. Not done today – I only edited it today. I can’t remember why I tucked it away. What I do remember is that it was inspired after seeing paint on my palette.  If you stare long enough (which I sometimes do in exasperation when the colours aren’t working out :/) shapes and pretty abstract images appear. I rather like how it looks.




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