Landscapes · Watercolour

Day 6: Forest Landscapes


This painting went a lot smoother than some of the others this week. Although I almost messed up the lake trying to get the reflective colours of the sky. I stopped myself realising I was being too finicky and muddying the colours up instead. Watercolour doesn’t like fuss but it is very forgiving so thankfully I was able to reverse it some.

Lakes are a beautiful sight. I have a dream of living by a huge lake one day. In a straw bale cabin, living a completely natural life living off the land away from the city (except I’d still want wi-fi access lol can’t go without internet – or blogging for that matter!). I’ve even created a collection on weheartit to make it a more visual goal. Here’s to dreams right. 🙂



4 thoughts on “Day 6: Forest Landscapes

    1. That’s a beautiful dream, Margaret… I’ve lived all my life less than an hour away from the sea so I suppose I take it for granted. The ocean is rather inspiring and I imagine getting to wake up every morning to a gorgeous views would really be something!

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