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Day 5: Forest Landscapes

Birds nests are something I haven’t thought about in ages and I was excited to paint one when the thought hit me. Finding a birds nest WITH birds eggs is quite a prize. I can’t recall ever finding the two together. I’ve come across already hatched eggs in various colours and also a few beautifully and neatly crafted but empty nests. I hope there isn’t something to be said about that… :/



P.S.: While thinking about what kind of bird may hatch from these eggs I remembered that I actually have painted a bird before (two in fact o_O) – and right on this blog too! And a bunny. And a cat too… I can’t believe I’d completely forgotten. I say this because at the start of this challenge I mentioned I hadn’t. The only reason I can think of to blame my forgetfulness on is fear. I still fear painting animals. I love them to bits but I always fear painting them. I’ve no idea why. Anyway do forgive my misinformation in that post.ヾ(@^ー^@)ノ



14 thoughts on “Day 5: Forest Landscapes

    1. Aw thank you Judith! That means so much. I definitely love recreating nature – its an ever inspiring source! As far as style though I’m not sure if it may not change but I’m super happy you like it right now. You’re so kind – Thank you. 🙂

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  1. Such great texture on the nest, and oh those leaves are terrific. I also like the way you did the background – it seems once I start a background I don’t know where to stop, but yours is perfect! I’ll post my pansy shell if you post an animal or bird. 😉 With the way you do faces, I bet your animals would be the cutest!

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    1. Thanks Carol. I think this is the first I’d actually agree and say I like a background as well. Usually I feel they become such a mess or in the least turn out rather plain.
      Oh thats a tough one! 😀 I really want to see your painting but oh the dread of painting an animal! Buuut, I’ll take you up on your deal (and mentally prepare for a bit of embarrasment tomorrow lol!).

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