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Day 4: Forest Landscapes

Today I painted mushrooms that you’ll find on a forest floor (or tree) today.  I believe mushrooms can save the world. Lol before you start thinking I’m one of ‘those’people o_O check out this TED talk by Paul Stamets – a Scientist, who has a really compelling theory. Its a bit dated but still worth sharing I think.


Back to my post – my first attempt didn’t make me happy but I feel good enough about it to post here. I’m thinking of outlining it in ink but I’m not sure. I really wan’t to see what the difference will be though.

I wasn’t sure how to put down the paint down almost all through this first one. It’s so strange with watercolour – I sometimes forget (if thats the word I can use) just how to apply the paint best. Sometimes it’s super easy and natural then other times I’ll deliberate and take so much consideration and maybe even need to make a sketch (or sketches) before I can do anything with it. I almost gave up so many times but I didn’t allow myself to scrap it until I felt I’d gotten it done (I’ve noticed I learn better this way). This worked out only as far as the stump – I like how it turned out; the mushrooms themselves I almost like them, but the background isn’t that great.

After that I convinced myself to paint a little more having decided it could only be downhill from here. I managed two before I stopped myself – If I carried on I would have time to edit and type this up! But I’m glad I did these – I like them better and I feel like today was less of a fail.




12 thoughts on “Day 4: Forest Landscapes

  1. With watercolor it does do that….sometimes it seems so easy and then bam, it is difficult. No idea why but I am learning not to fret about those mood swings that watercolor can take. First attempts is just a loosening up and getting your right brain to start seeing your subject. I often forget this and then allow my first attempts to mar my other paintings. My favorite of your mushroom paintings is the second one and your third one is competing for my favorite. I will stick with the second. 🙂 I rather liked the background on your second one. What is it that you don’t like? I think the fact that you went soft and loose is perfect, it also looks like there is light streaming through. Do you purchase (dumb question, sorry) these papers already round? I love that idea and wondering how it would be like to paint on them. It gives a vignette look and especially with a nature scene, it is perfect. Now, another stupid question….did you make the deckle edge or? Anyway, I love your nature art. I am such a mushroom, in the woods person. I am 50 something and I never tire of the woods. I hiked the other day with my grandson up in the high country. I took several pictures of a snowplant. What a sight! have you ever seen them? google them….they are this brilliant red color. Looking forward to more of nature from you!

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    1. Thanks Margaret! I’m glad they are at least likable ^_^
      I’m not sure what it is I don’t like – I think I applied the paint to thickly; I love it when watercolour has that light, transparent or loose feel to it. With the first I blocked in too much pigment and it feels as though there is no room for the eyes or mind to settle nicely into it… not sure though.
      And I must say none of your questions are dumb at all! They make perfect sense to ask.
      Firstly, no, I paint on a rectangular piece of paper and draw a circle in the middle – I’m enjoying painting in a circle lately – I would recommend you do try as well if ever. 🙂 I tear larger sheets of paper into my preferred size and that creates a deckled edge along the sides – I’m not sure if this what you were asking about?

      Although I wouldn’t say you’re thaaat old (- old to me is like 70 or 80) it is quite awesome that you still go out hiking, its a great way to keep fit and take in the outdoors. I did do quick google search as I’d never heard of a snowplant before and MY goodness such a brilliant red – a simply gorgeous little thing! It must be quite a sight to see up close. 😀

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  2. Hi Sissh: I enjoy both paintings and totally understand your creative process glitches. I have been trying to paint a simple sand dollar all week. I practiced with various brush sizes and strokes, paint colors, and angles. I was stuck between realistic or not, because to me realistic was so boring as far as colors go. I finally opted for whimsical colors but am not sure if I am confident enough to share. I enjoy the light in your first painting, and I also enjoy the composition of the second one and the unexpected verticality of the piece. I am really enjoying this series of paintings and enjoy reading your thought processes! 🎨

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    1. Thanks Carol. I’m glad you’re enjoying this little series as well, thats a good boost to the ego lol. I couldn’t be sure I’d heard of a sand dollar before and had to give it a little google and sure enough where I live we call them pansy shells lol!
      I do hate it when nothing you think up actually works – painting is tough enough work on its own! I can definitely relate to the frustration you’re feeling.
      Hmm I know these are late suggestions… but ave you tried maybe bunching a few together? Maybe at different angles Or some faced up others down overlapping each other or that sort of thing. I don’t know perhaps that might make it less frustrating and disperse the focus a bit… or maybe create a little watercolour scene? Adding little bits of seaweed, coral pieces, tiny shells and such? I don’t know…
      Your idea sounds really good though – whimsical colours sounds fun. I sure hope you find the courage to share – I’m certain you’d get lots of positive feedback! ^_^

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      1. Hi Sissh: I love the name Pansy shell! Thanks so much for taking the time to send all your great feedback! I think I will try a couple of the suggestions – one of them is sure to work out. Happy Saturday!

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