Landscapes · Watercolour

Day 3: Forest Landscapes


Looking up in the middle of the trail on this #NatureDoodlewash hike to find a beautuful view of sky amidst the trees. Nature is full of amazing sights in every direction!

This was a simple painting. I limited my palette to cobalt blue, burnt umber, sap green and yellow ochre. Easy enough. The sun was added in with white acrylic paint (very lightly applied) and a bit of white china marker. I think I’ll stick with these in future until I find another technique. I’ve experimented with chinese white and white gouache in the past but I wasn’t too happy with the results. Obviously I still haven’t got it right but I haven’t practised light rays enough – which is something I should do since I love the effect when other artists achieve it.



5 thoughts on “Day 3: Forest Landscapes

    1. Porthole to nature – I love that! 😀 Thanks, Margaret. It is just about the hardest thing – so true – I’ll be sure to keep it in mind. ^_^ We are all on a learning journey after all.

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