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New Week, New Theme: Forest Landscapes – Week 3

My theme for this week is nature – forest landscapes in particular. As I mentioned before my list has no order so I just pick any theme and go with it. I’m happy I can do this because I want to continue on in the #NatureDoodlewash hike! 😀 (last weeks art was triggered by a strong desire to paint faces so I had to get that out of the way!)

Today was for warming up. I haven’t done landscapes in ages (or at least it feels that way). Sometimes I like to paint real tiny images so I drew little circles on A5 sized, 200gsm paper and put down some sketches in watercolour. Fun and no pressure.


* The blue upper right corner was a practise in foggy mountains (I think if I put down a darker foreground that would be more obvious).

* The bottom right was inspired by Steve Cronin‘s style of painting.

* The last two on the left were painted as I was checking my instagram feed this evening – fellow blogger Anita is travelling Scotland (amongst other places) right now and took these lovely shots that I just couldn’t pass, and so painted right there and then. I’m learning that I don’t have to paint an exact replica of my reference so it will not look the same – certainly the photographs are better though!

I reckon while I can’t draw animals or bring myself to draw creepy crawlies like some of the other brave (and very talented) artists I’ve seen so far; I can at least paint the scenery on this great big world wide hike! 🙂



14 thoughts on “New Week, New Theme: Forest Landscapes – Week 3

    1. Thanks. And you totally should! I think you’d enjoy it. Also check out Steve Cronin’s tutorials – I also used to feel overwhelmed but he makes it super simple in his approach. 🙂

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