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Facial Expressions: Day 6

Purple skinned, blue haired woman in watercolour

When I started on this I was trying an angry/annoyed face but when I put the paint down it went south. I think I lost the emotion somewhere along the line… again. I think she looks a bit pained – which is kind of what I’m feeling right now. o_O

I decided to stop and keep going with the hair instead.
I’m not sure what I learned this week. I think tomorrow I should do some bone structure and facial muscle studies.



6 thoughts on “Facial Expressions: Day 6

  1. I had so much trouble with drawing an angry face…I’m not sure what my fellow’s expression actually looked like, but it was anything but angry. Your girl might not have come out as well as you’d like, but you can still tell she’s feeling an unpleasant emotion. And that hair! I hope someday I learn how to do that. 🙂

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    1. You’ll get there! You’ve got the talent its just a matter of getting that practise in I reckon. ^_^
      The thing I love about painting hair is that you get to leave a lot of unpainted areas. Thats the trick I think – following the flow and leaving the white of the page where the ‘light’ would hit?

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      1. Thanks for the vote of confidence. Yes, I think you’ve figured out the trick to getting the hair right. Oh, that “horrendous face” I mentioned in another comment. He had this awful beard and moustache too. My sketch was so awful! LOL At least he was leaning so far back, I didn’t have to put hair on his head.

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