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Facial Expressions: Day 5

Today was a good day – I met with an old friend and had fun hanging out. And so many other good things happened. I was happy even with the little time I had to paint.

But when I got home I couldn’t get my scanner to work. With precious little time – I couldn’t attempt to fiddle with it. I had only so much time to create a painting and edit and write this up so I took a shot with my camera instead. This is something I don’t like to do. But this picture isn’t so bad so I’ll go with it.


I decided to try go going for background practise again – I know I suck at them so I need to work on more.  And I kind of miss painting odd coloured skin – I used to do it all the time, what happened to that…

Another thing I noticed is that my sketches tend to be very cartoon-ey but when I start painting I tend to go favour more realism. So for this painting I tried to keep it as toon-ey as possible – just to see how it would go. It went well until I started fiddling and adding more detail. This is a problem I have. lol :/



7 thoughts on “Facial Expressions: Day 5

  1. I can’t decide on a single word that describes her expression. My first impression is that she looks a little skeptical about something…that’s because of that arched eyebrow, I think. But then, I wondered if “curiosity” might better describe her expression. And your background looks good. That’s something I have a problem with. You did a great job.

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    1. I also cant tell… this painting morphed so much I started to wonder if I’d learned anything at all this week. First she looked annoyed then skeptical then I saw a slight hint of amused…I’m not sure anymore; I definitely see curious in there now. Thanks about the background – why do they have to be so difficult! 🙂

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