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Day 3: Facial Expressions – Laugh


This week is turning into a serious week of exploration. I’m painting expressions I haven’t really focused on beyond sketches and I’m trying different hair colours and types. I didn’t mention it yesterday but that was the first I’d ever painted blonde hair and today was the first I’d traditionally painted dreadlocks. I had no idea how to start or how to get the texture right. What I did is I painted down a light layer of thickish strands in varying shades and later used a a round brush to thickly stipple in some areas for texture; mainly the darker areas. I think it worked out. In the very least its convincing anyway.

The Laugh! Oh goodness, drawing a laughing face is tough. You’ve got to get the eyes right – try not to make them look like bags or odd wrinkles and the smile lines can’t look too un-natural. *gugh* I had a smile on my face the whole time though lol so thats a plus.



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