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Facial Expressions: Day 2


I wanted today’s painting to have a playful feel to it. And I did my best to pull it off using multiple references. I thought the mouth would be hardest and was going to cover it with a bubblegum bubble (lol) it would’ve fit for the ‘playful’ theme but it felt a bit of a cop out and I wouldn’t’ve learned anything. So I tough loved myself and drew it.
But, interestingly, the mouth was somewhat easy compared to the eyebrows which were a different story – I had to erase and try again so many times. I’m pretty pleased with the result though. It’s something different and the effort feels real good.



15 thoughts on “Facial Expressions: Day 2

      1. Can I be honest and admit I’m jealous? LOL I worked on facial expressions yesterday, too. Mine weren’t nearly so successful. I’m only doing graphite drawings. My worried look and my happy look were all right, but, oh, my angry look was awful! I’ll just keep practicing as I admire your faces.

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      2. Oh please don’t be! ^-^*) It takes me aaages to get one face right. Lots of sketches, lots of erasing (and frustration) and starting over. The feeling of finally getting it right is SO worth it though. You’re pretty good already, more practise is always good too. I’m dreading doing an angry face – I don’t know if its the same with you but I tend to try and feel the emotion I’m trying to draw and anger is more than a bit frustrating. We’re in the same boat but at least you’ve tried! 🙂

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      3. I think you’re right about feeling the emotion when we draw a face. I don’t like anger, so that’s probably why it was difficult to draw. Thanks for the kind words. Let’s just keep practicing and getting better and better! 🙂 We can do this.

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  1. It made me smile as soon as I saw the post, so you definitely captured the expression. My little trick for getting expression in a face is at the very edges of the mouth just slightly tilt the line up. The smallest amount will give it character without going overboard. Karen

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