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Week 2: Facial Expressions – Day 1


woman blue hair mild facial expression watercolour painting

The theme for this week is Facial Expressions. I want to get sooo much better at faces than I am right now (I see my progress, but I’m still far from where I imagine).
My faces are rather stiff so I want to work on injecting a little liveliness to them. Today’s drawing turned out neutral/mildly expressive. Which doesn’t surprise me. I have a hard time generally with reading expression even though I tend to understand intuitively (mine is a strange brain), so I will definitely have to make use of all those expression tutorials I’ve seen on DeviantArt if I want to make progress.



7 thoughts on “Week 2: Facial Expressions – Day 1

    1. Thank you Judith ^-^ Figure drawing is certainly the way to go to getting better – perhaps I should do the same… I hope all the best on your learning journey – I’m pretty sure you’ll get better in no time! (you’re already pretty good ^_~)

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  1. You think that is not expressive???!! At first I thought it was Michael Jackson – mostly the hair I supposed, then I see a woman – then I feel it is androgynous, but definitely expressive! 🙂

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    1. :’D Yeah as soon as I painted in the hair I saw M.J. a little too! Lol.
      It’s great you see it as expressive maybe I’ll see something too if I come back to it after a while.


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