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Day 7: Language of Flowers

Girl with purple eyes painted in watercolour.

I was hankering to draw a portrait today –  but it was my last day of the weeks theme; plants, and I wanted to follow through all 7 days. So I thought to put the two together. Not something I haven’t done before mind but this time I thought I’d put some meaning to it.
I was looking through the Victorian Language of Flowers (well one sites interpretation of it anyway) and picked flowers at random until I found the striped tulip which means ‘beautiful eyes’. I thought this would be a nice flower to couple with a portrait of a person with pretty eyes. I didn’t know what colour the eyes would be until I found this beautiful tulip. I’ve never had a more fulfilling experience painting flowers before. I’m starting to give myself more time to focus lately and I think its paying off. Feeling rushed is never fun.

So when I was done painting I left the eyes for last thinking I might need a reference so I don’t risk spoiling it. And Interestingly enough when I did a search for purple eyes I thought I’d find anime type images but instead I discovered there is actually a myth that there existed (and possibly still exist) among us special people with violet eyes. The condition/mutation even has a name and is called Alexandria’s Genesis. It usually affects women and the person is born with grey, blue, violet or purple eyes that change and deepen as they age but by 50 they stop aging all together and live pass 100 or so years and are immune to disease among other things.
I think it would make an interesting plot line for a comic but thats a topic for another day. Maybe.



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