Day 5: Coral Sea Fan

The finished painting of the coral sea fan.

I found inspiration in the aquatic plant kingdom today in the form of the beautiful Coral Sea Fans. Or so I thought. In my excitement to paint today I left out researching my subject until later. I was so sure coral was a type of plant BUT it turns out although they can be said to be plants (- look like ’em and anchor themselves in the sand like ’em) they are actually (nocturnal) animals and have little polyps all along its ‘branches’ feeding off plankton.

I kinda feel half ways about posting this now but it was an honest if not ignorant mistake. (^_^;)

Anyway onto the painting then.

I decided I wanted to work with negative space and so drew the plant itself in masking fluid (Yes! Another excuse to use it – it went so well yesterday ^_^) my confidence was fully restored in masking fluid after having having done a mini test to see if the little details would hold up till the end. This worked out so I went ahead and started with the painting – which took me close to 3 hours; happy hours I’ll admit. I love doing something that I can put all my focus on for a good chunk of time. Its always cathartic on a level.

For interests sake – this was the trial to see if the masking fluid would do the trick.

So after the fluid dried I applied a mix of Gamboge (hue) + Phthalo Blue + very little Chinese White for a greeny under painting applied wet in wet. Then I added Prussian blue to darken that green for the mid area. And finally I added in a bit of Cobalt and Prussian for the bottom corner. It was all really dark before it dried but I like the softness.



4 thoughts on “Day 5: Coral Sea Fan

  1. Hi Sissh! Your coral work is so timely because currently we are driving home from the beach, where we saw lots of fossilized coral. Now I know that it is a nocturnal animal rather than a plant as I thought previously. Thanks for the education :). Your coral looks so dainty, elegant, and beautiful, and the background colors definitely seem to go naturally with coral. Lovely. Halfway home, more blog reading to catch up on – only 5 hours left! Happy weekend to you 🌸

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    1. Thank you Carol. ^_^
      I’m so glad that I wasn’t the only one who didn’t know! When I found out, it felt like one of those universally known things that I should have learned as a child or something lol. But no matter lifes an ever-learning journey, right.
      It sounds like you’ve had a wonderful little beach escape! Hope your weekend continues along nicely! Happy catching up on your feed – the guys around here have posted up some really good reads. 😀

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