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Day 4: Silhouette Trees

Today I was inspired by these bookmarks to create my very own silhouette paintings. I found them after I’d made three paintings that just weren’t making me happy. I went around the net to see if anything could inspire me to step out of my usual and these jumped at me.

Red sky behind silhouetted tree.

So, I started off by applying masking fluid around the edges of the paper. I hadn’t used masking fluid since my immortal jellyfish painting out of fear it would nearly ruin my painting this time as well but I decided I would apply it more thickly and undiluted. Plus the thought of peeling it off was just too appealing! ^_^

Blue landscape behind silhouetted tree.

The red painting was a mix of Alizarin Crimson, a little bright red, some Vermilion Hue and also Yellow Ochre applied wet in wet.

The blue was applied in a 3-layer gradient using a little Cobalt Blue, a lot of Prussian, and some Burnt Umber mixed in.

I went over the abstract paintings using the Copic Ciao Brush Pen to draw in the trees.
I so want to make more like this.



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