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Day 3: Strange(ish) Plants

Today’s theme is Strange Plants. Because a little strange is a good thing (…whenever I think of the word strange I think of Emily The Strange – I was fan when I was in my early teens. I still don’t know many people who know her. Aaand I’m digressing – stop me.).

watercolour painting attempt of the Haworthia Cooperi plant.

There are so many weird plants in this big blue planet and I wanted to paint them all! I dwindled my list down to the pretty Skeleton Flower, the Darth Vader flower (it actually looks like the masked villain lol), Hydnora africana (which I think may have inspired the plant in Mario Bros. But the thought of staring at it for a good hour or so put me off painting it. Eww). I also found an odd one that looked like it had a smiling mouth. Freaky and so very funny.

Baobab Landscape in watercolour.

In the end I picked 3 rather tame choices in the Haworthia Cooperi (old classification Obtusa) because I simply couldn’t not – its sooo pretty – I love it, the majestic Baobab and a third is a flower that I do not know the name of but just had to paint for its pretty colours. (And I’m hoping someone reading this may know the name).

Watercolour flowers.

Painting these was fun – the flowers took the most time as I had to be very careful trying to get the colours to bleed together without muddying them. I’ve used this technique with abstracts but not in a more realistic image but chose it because I wanted to create a somewhat abstract effect.



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