DAY 2 – Air plants!

Air plants, also known as Tillandsia, are amazing plants that literally live off the air they breathe (air and water to be precise) and only use their roots to hold on to rocks, stones, or whatever might be beneath them. They are even easier to care for than cacti or succulents and if that isn’t enough they also may flower just as beautifully.

Due to their seemingly ‘free-spirited’ nature they allow for a plethora of creative decorative ideas. You can frame them, wreath them, make a dry/air terrarium with them, wood mount them, hang them (aluminium wire, macramé string or fishing line {for that ethereal floating effect} or almost anything else) or simply pot them (just without the soil).

Wall mounted Tillandsia painted in watercolour.

In my attempts to paint these I realised two things; firstly I enjoy drawing in pen first and so should do that more often (honestly, I don’t know why I don’t) especially when I feel unfocused like I have this week – applying permanent lines has a way of sobering you to consider more carefully and all that.

Potted air plant with wire stem detail watercolour paintng.

Secondly, I realised I’d started relying too much on my aqua brushes! I was not learning to control the amount of water in my brush what with the brush always having a steady flow. This didn’t seem like anything important until my favourite fine point started leaking too much water (I think it may be getting worn?), and so, annoyed, I put it aside in favour of the normal brushes. I used 3 different sized brushes on scrap paper like I would when testing a new pen (basically doodling lines all over the page until I kinda have a feel for it) and noticed a big difference. I feel so silly that I didn’t get acquainted with my brushes earlier.

Tillandsia in a wreath. Watercolour painting




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