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Tribal Man


I painted this without a reference! Yay!
I didn’t get to take process pics though so that sucks. But it’s amazing how much the hand remembers from drawing practise. I used to only occassionally sit down to sketch but lately its become a bit of a habit. I try  to draw at least one successful sketch even if everything else is rubbish. If not I look over the crappy ones and try to figure out where I’m faultering. And its paying off big time! Granted this isn’t all that, but it puts a big grin on my face. 😀

This will be the last of my painting men (well not for good but as purposefully as I have been the last few posts). I say this because I want to start a drawing/painting challenge again. The one I did before was  such fun and it really free’d the mind up for inspiration (you get a challenge high of sorts).
I’ve already got a list of random topics which I will be breaking into weekly challenges. Like a 7 day or maybe 6 day challenge (I may like to take a break between to draw whatever comes to mind outside the challenge or something) but I’ll see how much fun I have with each topic.

Xoxo ^-^

PS: I mistakenly left this post in draft status last night and I’ve only just realised! *coversface*. So, I’ve published it unedited (‘cept for this part ofcourse ^_^). And I’ll be posting again later today (for challenge day 1!).


4 thoughts on “Tribal Man

    1. Lol, Jodi! You’re making me blush! Thank you!! Realistically, I’d say he’s just a result of practice drawing lots of faces and features. But he does seem like he would make an interesting beau. ^_^ He looks quite different. Like a character in a story, maybe.

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  1. Sissh, this makes me smile too! And you did it without a reference? Amazing! Such a strong jawbone – and those lips! Your hand remembered perfectly. Way to finish a series! Happy day to you 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Carol! I reckon I’ve put together features I’ve enjoyed practicing, I suppose. I’m super glad you like it – that means a lot. ^_^ Hope you’re having a great day too.

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