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Smirky Smile

The finished painting all done! 🙂

I almost didn’t make it to finish today’s painting! Time just got away from me all day. I started off with a sketch I had started later this week but didn’t feel too good about. So since I had no time to start a new one on a new reference I decided to fix up what I had.

The fixed up pencil sketch I started off with.

I quickly added a little bit of paint to mark out the basic colours and get going. Just a light layer to start with.

First layer of colour added in.

I added more colour deciding not to go too dark as I have been of late. So I only went 2 layers over it. The first layer; to add that medium tone and the third only to add more tone to the darker shadowy areas to create more of that contrast. And thats it. ^_^ I only wish I could’ve captured that playful smirky smile a bit better. But I’m happy.





13 thoughts on “Smirky Smile

  1. This is great! This piece seems to have a sort of Japanese delicateness to it. If I may ask, what resources helped you learn watercolor when you were just starting out? I tried my hand at it yesterday for the first time and my watercolor skills leave a lot to be desired….

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    1. Thanks Daniel! ^-^
      Its so cool that you’re trying out watercolour. Its quite a rewarding medium albeit just a bit frustating at the start.
      I haven’t been painting in watercolour that long myself but I’d say reading the books grounded me in a basic understanding and Youtube videos are great for tips and techniques in action. My fav. channels are “Steven Cronin” for landscapes and “The Mind of Watercolor” is also quite awesome, and more recently I’ve found “Watercolor Misfit” – there are really great tips on there. Sometimes though I prefer to read (you glean so much more this way) and this is where blogs/websites come in handy. I would recommend http://www.watercolorpainting.com – there are lots of tutorials in various levels and links to video tutorials and lots of inspsiration as well!
      Sorry I couldn’t get more indepth but I hope this helped! 😀 I hope to see some of your paintings if you decide to keep at it!

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