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Musician portrait


For this painting, I used a photo of a musician named Devandra Bernhart for reference. The picture itself was blue but I didn’t want to use blue again just yet so I went for a red that turned into brown.
I’m not a fan – I just liked the picture – but I gave his music a little listen (a few songs on the ‘mala’ album)and found I enjoyed the mellow feel of it. And the lyrics aren’t too bad either. Just the singing kinda sounds like he’s whispering? Not sure if that was intended but before this turns into a review o_O let me stop here.

On to the painting; I didn’t do much different with the way I applied the paint but I have been doing lots of little sketches of masculine faces and found a few deviantart tutorials pointing out the defining little differences. I may change my mind about putting sketches up on here seeing as it is a place for me to write out my arting journey. Not sure but I will think on it some more.



2 thoughts on “Musician portrait

  1. I like this fellow – the way you painted his complexion and hair are amazing, once again. I think you should continue to put these little sketches up because if you recently made them, they are part of your art journey. Undoubtedly you learned something in the process, and many times so do the viewers. Just my opinion. Have a terrific weekend, Sissh!

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    1. Oh thank you so much for that Carol! I appreciate you taking the time to say that. 🙂
      I understand what you’re saying. Perhaps I’ll post sketches in future. But only ones with purpose or relative meaning. And then sparingly so – I wouldn’t want to scare everyone away with horrid squiggly images! Lol
      Thanks again! I Hope you have a great weekend as well!! ^_^

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