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Green eyed bearded man


I think I mentioned before that I’d been thinking to try and paint guys more. Just for practise and for something different I guess. So thats what I did today.
I started off with a pencil sketch and it was a bit tough getting him to look like a ‘he’ so only after much erasing did I finally get to paint!
Also I’m struggling a lot with backgrounds again. And I’m not very happy with a lot of things here; the tones for example aren’t quite right – it passes but there’s something wrong I can’t put my finger on. Its oddly like I’m learning to draw/paint all over again. I did not think my brain would make it such a big deal to draw guys :/
Side note: Is it just me or does he give off vampire vibes? I’ll take that as a ‘cool’ point if so. Lol.



4 thoughts on “Green eyed bearded man

    1. I can imagine that – somebody said its almost kind of like the historical paintings in a way; and those were full of biblical fugures.
      I love how you describe the eyes – clear and piercing – they were pretty tough to render. I’m glad effort was worth it ^-^

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