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Blue hair, blue skin.

I was looking through my old stuff and found these two paintings I didn’t post up on this blog (I did post work-in-progress photos on instagram though). I was working on them at around the same time but I guess I stopped when I was at a loss for what to do to make them feel finished. I think I will be working on these this weekend.

This was inspired by a fashion photograph. More like I copied it rather - the hair is pretty much the same as the reference.
This was me trying to draw a man. I've been thinking of doing male portraits lately which is what made me remember this I suppose.

This is not where I last left them but for the fact I have no time to scan and edit right now I’ll post what I got.

I’ll post updates soonest. ^-^



15 thoughts on “Blue hair, blue skin.

  1. You are doing good with your drawings and paintings of males so far Sissh, and the Cosmic Girl painting looks interesting and this post came to my mind again today when I was listening to the song Cosmic Girl by Jamiroquai 😀 :

    -John Jr

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