Woman With Messy Bun

Woman with messy bun painted in watercolour.

I’m enjoying drawing line-art lately. Drew this with a fine-liner (the UniPin 0.3) and went over it with watercolour as I did with this previous painting. I enjoyed painting this as I used a few strange colours that surprised me the way they blended in. Like for example I used green on the skin initially before painting a peachy hue over it. I think these little mix-ups created more depth. Even if only I realize it. ‘-‘
I used a reference but I’m so bad with links – I’ll edit this as soon as I find it again.



7 thoughts on “Woman With Messy Bun

  1. Hello Sissh,

    I like the detail and realism on this painting in the face and hair and body, I like the coloration of the skin except for the shadows on the lower neck and near the shoulders, I like this more realistic and detailed style; and a style like this could be used to create images of people who lack an image of them on Wikipedia, which would be helpful for making images available on Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons, because there are many people and things still lacking images on those services.


    I noticed that there was not a Follow Blog option in your Comment Form when I went to comment on this post, which is a default settings, I recommend making sure that this setting is enabled in your Discussion Settings to give people yet another way to follow (subscribe) to your blog 😉 :


    -John Jr

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    1. Hi John 🙂 thanks for the feedback! I am rather liking this style of late – I may continue with it for a while. Yeah I left it at this point purposefully; I’ve learned to accept the imperfect parts of a painting. I’ve noticed I’m never happy with a ‘perfect’ painting and overworking it also has its drawbacks – which is a point I was getting close to before stopping.

      Thanks for yet another useful tip! Theres always something to improve isn’t there? Thanks for looking out ^-^

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