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Rocky Beach Seascape


Easy going Sunday painting.
And yes it’s another rocky beach scene. I just realised this is my third in a row. ( ̄_ ̄)・・・

I keep thinking I should head to the beach after work and paint the waves, but everytime I think about painting with people around; I cringe. On the other hand I’m good at finding secluded people-watching spots so I could find a quiet place, but still, I get nervous at the thought…


21 thoughts on “Rocky Beach Seascape

  1. Hello Sissh,

    When I first saw this painting and this one ( for some reason I thought of this scene from the film Under The Skin (which some people describe as disturbing, this scene, and this film), your painting is not depressive or gloomy like that but I guess it somewhat reminded of that beach but nicer and brighter:


    I think that it would look nice if you changed your Related Posts setting to the Use A Large And Visually Striking Layout option 😉 :

    After that depressing video I would rather leave on a positive note, I am not sure if you have seen this before, but Google released this video yesterday:

    -John Jr

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    1. Hi John Jr
      Oh my word O_o that scene really was rather disturbing – I did NOT expect that at the end. Makes me want to watch the rest of the film though; to be honest. It seems rather interesting.

      Your ‘off-topic’ comment is quite a cool suggestion! I’ll check that out and definitly try it out.
      I took it as a compliment and was already on a high note but the video link you sent blew my mind. It would be sooo awesome to paint in 3D. I had to share it with my friend who works in 3D – which is pretty cool – but THIS is next level. Thanks for sharing! I don’t think I would’ve heard about it anytime soon. ^_^


      1. Hello Sissh,

        Yeah, when I first saw the trailer for the film I wanted to see it (it was a limited release film so there were no cinemas where I could watch it, and so it was not until many months later until I could find it online), it is not a mainstream type film (it is an art type film) and many of the Scottish English accents are hard to understand and so some people will hate it and some will like it and the rest will probably be confused or unsure or indifferent(?); the music and sounds for the film by Mica Levi is what saved the film for me, the film has it flaws and I would have done some things differently if I was making the film, but it does make you think and wonder at least.

        Thanks, with that setting enabled your Related Posts will show an image instead of just text, and I think that looks better and will get more attention for your posts (especially since most of your images are art related); you can see an example of this when you look at the bottom of each of my posts in the Related Posts area. 😉

        You are welcome, this virtual reality 3D painting (drawing) definitely looks cool, and I am curious where things will go from there. 🙂

        -John Jr

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      2. I love arthouse films. In my varsity days I would convince my friends to come with me on the thursday art film evenings at the arts centre and to their suprise they enjoyed most of them. I think you have to let go of ‘normal’ expectations. Mainstream movies serve their purpose but art films delve deeper. Sometimes. But yeah, music oftentimes is the saving grace for most films/movies.
        Thanks for the link but Youtube says its not available in my country… thats a bummer. I’ll have to look harder for it I guess.
        I haven’t had a chance to go on my pc (I’m on mobile) to make those changes this whole afternoon and evening but I will def. make time tomorrow morning!
        Thanks again for all John Jr.

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      3. Hello Sissh,

        Arthouse films at an arts center, that sounds nice, I once dreamed about an old arts center before; but unfortunately I have nothing like that where I grew up and still live, it is nice that you had that, and that you and your friends got to enjoy that. 🙂

        Even though I have not seen many art films, I agree that is often the case it seems, and it is amazing how much difference music can make in film and video games et cetera.

        That is strange that they would do that, I was trying to share the official trailer for the film from the link where people can pay to watch the entire film on YouTube officially, I will try another link of the trailer that is not attached to that.

        I also will share an unofficial *cough* link where the entire film can be watched online for free since it is not available in your country, there may be some pop-up ads (most of these streaming services have them unfortunately) if your ad blocker does not block them (I use the Ublock Origin browser extension to block most ads so only a few ads get through, but Adblock Plus is more popular and has been around longer).

        I forgot that you often blog from a mobile phone, I still do not know how people can blog from their phones. 😉 😀

        You are welcome, and good luck.

        -John Jr

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      4. I feel like I’ve just been let on to some inner
        circle secret or something,
        lol. ^_^ Thanks for sharing that link with me
        and the browser information
        ;). You didn’t have to but you did and that’s
        awesome. I can’t wait to check
        it out!
        Mobile blogging is a little frustrating at times
        but it’s great for
        on-the-go blogging.
        Also, I finally got a chance to change the
        related post settings. I’m
        loooving the small change. I don’t know why I
        thought it would be more
        complicated than it was.
        I should make time to get better acquainted
        with WordPress and all its
        settings – this made me think there must be so
        much I’m not aware of.
        Anyway thanks a ton, John Jr. Hope you have
        a great day!

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      5. Yeah that seems pretty cool. I also came across it in my feed and I thought “well this came with rather perfect timing didn’t it”. 😀 I will check that out good and proper tomorrow morning, right now I’m too brain drained and should be fast asleep! ^_^

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      6. Whoop whoop. Lol thats great. I hope it doesn’t dissapoint.
        I think I’ll start with the link you’ve just sent and then later on,do the new University course.

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  2. You are welcome Sissh. 😎

    If you do decide to watch the film, expect to be disappointed and confused and/or for it to not be as good as the trailer, so greatly lower expectations. 😉

    My mobile phone typing skills are embarrassing, and so it is still hard to imagine. 😀

    Great, I see that you made the change, it looks good and was simple; and it seems that is starting to make short help videos on YouTube and adding them to the Support Page (Docs) ( now to make learning about even easier. 🙂

    You are welcome, and thank you.

    -John Jr

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  3. Expectations lowered, check. 😉
    When you talk about your mobile typing skills you make me laugh just imagining lol.

    Yep, the youtube videos make it that much quicker/easier to go through. I’m so glad for that.

    Take care,

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      1. Thank you for the kind words Sissh, you are welcome, and it was nice of you to help others. 🙂

        I updated all the computers at my parent’s house to Windows 10 and I also have Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (a free and open source Linux based operating system) installed on them so they have two operating systems to choose from, I told others about it and told them to spread the word, and I set my uncle CE’s computer to get the free upgrade back before it was available.

        I am glad that Microsoft did this for the first time, and so I made sure to take advantage of this limited free offer. 😉

        In Windows 10 I like the mostly automatic updates and the improved Windows Defender (their free default anti-virus) which automatically updates and scans now, this is very helpful because most people do not keep their operating systems updated manually and now they have a free mostly automatic anti-virus on default, and so that helps them and people like me so that I do not have people bothering me about fixing their computers as much and I only need to make a few more free adjustments to help keep their computer secured mostly automatically. 😀

        -John Jr

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