abstract · Watercolour


So for a while I’ve been feeling a bit weird. Been pushing past it steadily though. I have anxieties that I’ve learned to settle over time but sometimes… I get to feeling all over the place, mixed up and overwhelmed. In moments like this; silence, breathing and prayer carries me a long way. But in the midst of it –  a few days ago – I painted this. I’m surprised I was able to get it close to how I thought/felt about it initially and also that I’m actually sharing it!


Hope you’re doing great. ^-^


6 thoughts on “Abstracted

    1. Thank you so much Jodi; I really value your kind words and your thoughts on this piece. Hardly a word I would’ve thought to describe it though, powerful huh, – I like that. ^_^ Art is a great tool – I’m so glad we have it.

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  1. This painting truly depicts the frenzy, confusion, and emotional upset of anxieties. I am glad you have some coping techniques to get through them, as well as the outlet of art which can be quite therapeutic. In your painting the beauty is still there amongst the chaos! I wish you a calm, peaceful weekend!

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    1. Thank you Carol, you have an insight I admire. And I’m so glad you see beauty in this piece, it was quite something getting it onto paper.
      I certainly hope you yourself will have a wonderful weekend as well! ^_^

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