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Sketch dump!

Sometimes I imagine I’d enjoy a career illustrating stories. So, every now and then I work towards getting better at just drawing. Even though I don’t have any goals set in that direction right now.
I have a hard time with feet and hands (and faces without a reference) so since last week I’ve been sketching in between. Heres what I’ve got if you’re interested.



Hands and feet are so strange to draw!


I always find I cant help drawing a little person at the end of my sessions… although for all my hand drawing practice, I wouldn’t say those hands are very convincing!


More recently, I sketched more seriously – four drawings I plan on turning into paintings. One I’m already done with and will post progress pictures soon.




Thanks for reading!! \(*^v^)/



5 thoughts on “Sketch dump!

  1. Hello Sissh!

    I’m loving your work so far, especially your water color pieces!

    My name is Christina Lydia (also known as Elsie Ohem) and I am the administrator for The Black Lion Journal (TBL). I am personally inviting you to submit your art to our newest creative section, Submitted Creations–a section dedicated for those who wish to showcase their work. Submitted Creations is all about featuring impulsive, creative pieces made out of a response, either from an ordinary or extraordinary experience.

    Here’s a link to the submit page:

    Your work, especially your sketches, is exactly the type of creativity that I am currently looking for. Would you consider submitting one of these sketches to break in the art section?

    I do hope to see your work and to hear from you soon! Let me know, either way if you would like to or not. Nevertheless, continue doing what you are doing!


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    1. Hi Christina!

      Thank you so much for your kind words and for the invitation to submit.
      And, of course, I would love to have some of my work on your blog. I’ve been over and besides looking pretty good; the content is great too. I’d feel honoured to be part of it.
      I’ll send you an email and we can continue our chat there. ^_^

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    1. Yeah, mostly I’ll scan my work (in a pinch I’ll use my camera) and then try my best to edit so it looks as much like the original as I can get it. Sometimes thats a bit tricky (especialy camera pictures!) but I’m getting better at it. ^_^

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