Watercolour sketches

Potted plant in sketchy watercolour.
Leather jacket and boots yet feminin - love.
Mori girl chic. I didn't get the boots in though - my focus was more on the coat.

Sometimes I love pencil sketching before going in with watercolours but other times just thinking of starting even a loose sketch feels like a sort of hinderence. (That, if I think on too long or try and force the process, I risk falling into a procrastination patch, which I absolutely hate). So (after sitting, doing nothing for a good few minutes) I decided to dive straight into it, no preliminary sketch; just watercolour to paper. I remembered that I’d done it this way before – during my little challenge in February –  and that I rather liked the sketchy, loose feel, focusing roughly on tones and shape.
I didn’t dare try putting faces on them – I have a hard time painting/drawing faces onto bodies for some reason. And I didn’t want to risk spoiling these.

These were my references: the pot plant, the leather jacket girla, and the mori girl (or 森ガール – my favourite ^_^)

Thanks for reading!


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