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Baby Portrait

So my coworker said its cool if I blogged about the baby painting. Yay!
I get to share my first ever actual (on my way to professional?) watercolour portrait with you guys. ^_^
I had to start it over a couple of times in the beginning because I’m such a perfectionist.

Umteenth pencil sketch before deciding to go for it.

But then I looked up portrait watercolour art and realised that its not so much about the exact likeness but the overall feel of the painting itself. And so I stopped my pencil sketching and dove straight in with the paints.

First layers of paint started off.

I was still a bit unsure of the face so I kept it for last.
When I got to the background I got stuck and had no idea what to do with it. So I kept it red as on the reference photo.

Face painted in and a bit of background.

But it looked too light and simple so I deepened it with blues and purples and added in blue and red splatters to add interest.

Background added in.
Background with platters of red and blue.

When I was done I wanted it framed but all the places were either too expensive or too out of the way for me. So… off to the net I went in search of diy tutorials (I love any opportunity to do something myself so I relished this part).
I found these here and here to be most helpful.
I didn’t want to use any kind of glue on the actual painting so I stuck triangular cutouts on two corners and fit the painting snug onto the window mount that way. I wish I’d documented the process. But I will make it a point for next time. That is if I don’t find a good (read affordable [#^_^#]) place to get it done.

Final touches and framed painting all done.



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