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Doodling with a purpose!

Lately its been so hard to keep track! I’ve had more than a few side projects that I’ve had to catch up on and when I’m not trying to rest (something I firmly believe everyone should make it a point to do) I’ve started working on my brush lettering. Learning the basics and creating practise sheets (not included here though…) and making sure I’m doing it proper – learning the terms and such.




I used regular printer paper since I’m only practising and its not even close to great but I thought I’d post these up as a part of my journey. (Not sure where I’m going yet but I’m just going the direction of what I enjoy right now)


I also doodled a few decorative/ floral bits.

I also painted a cute little bushy haired girl that I think is adorable.^_^ She was just a few brush strokes in creation before going over her with a fineliner. This called an end to my doodling for the day.




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