Day 29: Silhouette

Whoa so I made it through my first ever painting/drawing challenge! It feels great. I didn’t think I’d get all the way through – to be honest, I half expected myself to start making excuses at some point. (*^~^*)

There are a lot of things I want try next – a new friend told me about this blog WordPress has up which has daily prompts for anyone to try. So I’m stoked to tackle that about once or twice a week – maybe more. I’ll see. There are a few branch offs from the challenge I’d like to persue, like the hand lettering (I may get proper calligraphy brushes/pens for that as well), or make up more characters, my head is buzzing with ideas.

Anyway, before I digress too far,  todays prompt led me to paint that picture I mentioned in day one‘s post. I didn’t deviate much from my usual pencil sketch and building up with watercolours.


Thanks SOOO much for being with me this far!!(⌒▽⌒)☆
Hope you’ve had/are having a fantastic leap day!



12 thoughts on “Day 29: Silhouette

  1. Hello Sissh,

    Thank you for the pingback. 😉

    Wow! I am actually impressed by this painting. 😲

    I like how the shadows and light from the curtains and windows somewhat realistic but maybe slightly surreal and the posture of the cat and how the view is from behind which combined makes it feel like you are really standing in this dimly lit room behind the cat, and I get one or more feelings that I can not describe when looking at this painting.

    It is almost like being in a hotel room looking out of a window from a distance standing in back of the room while deep in thought and/or having a daydream about the past, like being in a dream combined with a memory from my college day’s and when I tried to return to college years later and was trying to find a job and a place to stay so I was living at hotels for two weeks until I was forced to return home without continuing my return to college to avoid running out of money and going in debt.

    Thank you for this impressive work of art Sissh, this was amazing, it has been a while since a work of art has had an effect/affect on me like this. 🙂

    -John Jr

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    1. Whoa no kidding… seems like you’ve had a pretty eventful life.
      It’s awesome that something I painted could evoke feelings and memories in that way. I used a reference though so I’m not sure I can say its mine? I’m happy I could paint it the way I did though.

      I myself have a tendency to stare out of windows for long minutes and sit in dark rooms, so the picture struck a note with me as well.
      Thanks so much for your comment, John Jr, it’s a real big compliment!! (*^‿^*)

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      1. A pretty boring life actually, but that was one of several moments that stand out in my adult life so far. 😉

        You and your reference both deserve credit. 🙂

        I miss being able to do that, back in college I had several dorm rooms that were on upper floors with an okay view and when I was staying at hotels for two weeks during my attempt to return to college my last hotel room was on an upper floor, and so I would look out the windows sometimes during those very rough parts of my life; and in my window I had a print of The Young Shepherdess painting by William-Adolphe Bouguereau (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Young_Shepherdess).

        You are welcome Sissh, and thank you for sharing this painting. 🙂

        -John Jr

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  2. Reblogged this on John Jr's Dream Blog and commented:
    Hello Sissh,

    I have no reblogs on my blog at this time and it has been years since I have even tried reblogging a post, but your painting in this post was so good and connected with me so much that I am going to try my first reblog in years because more people need to see this.

    I am also curious about how reblogging works now-a-days, and so this is an experiment (so I could end up deleting this reblog, but if it works out I may keep it). 😉

    Keep up the good work Sissh. 🙂

    -John Jr


    1. Hello Sissh,

      I finished my reblog experiment, I still do not like how reblogs are handled so I deleted my reblog, but I did add a link to this post in my latest dream post so you will probably get a pingback if things worked properly. 😉

      -John J

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  3. The bright light transitioning to deep black and contrasting directly with it around the cat gives a lot of strength to the scene and focus to the point of contrast. A lot of times watercolors are used so light and pale that they come out weak, but this is good. 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much for your comment!
      I know what you mean – and I do like the light effect most times, but I also enjoy how watercolours can be used with strong tones as well. And this was a fun attempt. ^_^ I’m glad you like it!


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