Portraits · Watercolour

Day 27: Travel


I haven’t met many people who don’t like the idea of travelling. For me its something I feel I HAVE to do with my life. I’m always thinking up trips. Right now I want to travel my entire country by train, and then make a crazy bycicle tour of the hibiscus coast and road trip down the garden route living in a van that I would’ve modified myself (like the guy over at Van Dog Traveller) then,  I have grand plans to conquer the entire world. My master plan has me beginning my journey next year. I get excited just thinking about it! This time I wont let myself down.


With that I painted two scenes for today’s prompt from photo references that got me amped. I’m quite happy with these but I had more planned out – just ran out of time ’cause its a Saturday Night and I have plans ^_^ not wild plans but plans none the less.

I hope you’re enjoying your weekend!


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