Day 25: Style

I had it in my mind that I’d paint a whole lot of items for today’s prompt. But sadly I only managed to churn out three. And none as good as I could’ve had I more time and focus.
A pair of leather sandals, a pair of boots (a rather bad rendering (*^_^*)- the reference is actually quite fashionable!) and a mori girl.


Mori-girl is a style that favours loose, flowing, layered clothing, with simple accessories in natural tones. It is a subculture of people who enjoy spending their time in nature, and seek the slower paced life outside the city. Choosing to spend their time taking photographs (mostly of nature), sketching/drawing, reading, gardening, etc. More recently there was a branch off of the subculture called Yama girls similar but instead of forest walks, they prefer hiking nature.
This style used to be an obsession of mine – a light obsession, but one none the less. And it still influences my personal style (and lifestyle) even now.


I wanted to draw my mori girl with a more cartoony feel because I had this silly idea of making a web comic with a mori girl as the main character. I’m not sure though, my brain is always sprouting random ideas all over the place. For now, I’m happy with this.



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