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Day 23: Light

When I look at artists like Ilya Ibryaev and Kanta Harusaki, I get inspired to paint the way they depict light in some of their work. So I used today’s prompt as a chance to give it a go.

My first attempt I failed dismally. I created a cloudy scene and did the damp brush technique, to pick up the rays but that didnt work. Then I tried the wet brush over dry paint and lifting it off with tissue technique and again that didn’t work. (I’m tempted to put it up to prove my point but I feel too horribly about it – plus I added gouache later and it looked even more unnatural).

I didn’t give up (although I wanted to!). I put that aside and started a new page. This time I decided to directly copy a painting by Ilya Ibryaev. Well, a small part of it anyway. This worked out better, not great but more convincing and I enjoyed the attempt. I added gouache to make some of the rays bolder.


When I got home I decided to paint a contrast between light and shadow. I found this photo and thought it would be good to use for this. I’m happy with how it turned out.



I decided to load the failed piece afterall. Here it is (*/_\)



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