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Day 22: Abstract


I got to play around a bit today! Always a good thing in my books. I tend to bog myself down with supposed-to-be’s and general silly perfectionism. Doing this challenge, I’ve noticed, has kinda forced me to put all that aside and focus on the creative process. Not on how ‘good’ its ‘supposed’ to look. I admit, this is something I keep having to learn over and over.


I tried patterns (fun!) with a gold and black ink pen on one, on the another I used darker colours than I normally would and tried (tried) to keep it loose and detail to a minimum – I don’t feel I quite did that but the effort shows (even if its only in my minds eye). Lastly I did one that I added clay to (clay is something I love working with, but its been too long since I even touched it) – air drying clay but clay none-the-less. I knew I could use watercolour over it because a long time ago I made little pieces of clay on which I tested different mediums and watercolour still shows boldly after all this time. I like the texture and relief that shows up.




2 thoughts on “Day 22: Abstract

  1. I love these Sissh, they are so beautiful! I too get caught up in what things ‘should’ look like, and often its my abstract art that I realize I like the most. Its more freeing, and fun to create with just feelings and thoughts than having the angst of copying a photo or picture. I think you are very good at it, and I love the swirls, lines and colors in the top one!

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    1. Thank you Laura!
      I get what you’re saying about creating abstract art – I love it for the same reasons. ^_^ It allows you to explore in so many other ways.
      I had sooo much fun with the doodley one, I guess it shows! Thanks again. (@^-^)


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