Day 21: Original Character


Fun, fun, fun!
I had the time to create a whole character today well not whole… theres still a lot of room for improvement as I ran out of time. I wanted to also make a couple sketches of expression practise.

About the character:
Her name is Neona she is in her mid-twenties. As her name suggests, she is quite mysterious; she will often go off on her own, taking long walks – completely comfortable in her own. Although this is so, she is no lone wolf, she thrives being in large groups of people, enjoying giving an recieving attention, both.
She loves riding her bmx and practising tricks at the local park, which she co-owns with her life long friend Jeffh (who is himself a skateboarder). She is an avid adventurer and thrill seeker and will make the most of her trips as a semi pro bmxer.


Her favourite colours are green and pink as is evidenced on her bike and gear. She enjoys a good laugh, and when she’s at home she will always be found barefoot an in good company.


And thats it. So far. I thought of making a fantasy or a superpowered character but I decided to keep it simple.



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