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Day 20: Favourite Character

Picking a single character to sketch was super difficult.Characters to me are really important – as a teen the library was my second home and the characters I found in the books affected me in ways I couldn’t explain if I tried. Its similar for characters on screen, in games and in comics/manga.
I had to check my heart for pictures I could use for reference(the site is a really great place to collect inspiration for me) and after looking through my collection of favourite people I chose to go with Amélie ! ^_^  (Had I the time; Olive Hoover from Little Miss Sunshine would have been a close second and Colonel Brandon from Sense and Sensibility – just thinking of him makes my heart swoon, and Milo from Pepper-Ann – would’ve right after, and then also any character from Gilmore Girls!)


Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain is hands down one of my favourite films. And Amélie is a rocking character.

I started with a light pencil sketch before going over it with watercolour paints. With my limited time I was sure I would not do her justice. But I’m pretty happy with the way this this looks. I forced myself to stop when I started fussing over the details and I pushed on at a point when I felt like scrapping it so thats some extra feel good points for me.^_^

I hope you’re having a pleasant weekend!



7 thoughts on “Day 20: Favourite Character

  1. Not bad Sissh, I like that film and that character as well, it would be interesting to see your version of the cover art for that film and/or the scene of her wearing that Zoro-like mask while holding a sign. 🙂

    Many years ago I used to see the DVD for this at a store, you would see her smiling at you as you passed by, and this always caught my attention; and so years later I finally watched the film for the first time, and I liked it. 😀

    Keep up the good work,
    -John Jr

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    1. Thanks John! It really is a great movie I’m glad you watched it and enjoyed it 😀 she has such an interesting face and her expression makes you wonder just what she may be up to. I myself haven’t watched it a ages and all this talk is making want to see it again! ^_^

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      1. You are welcome Sissh. 🙂

        I know what you mean about her facial expression, it always caught my attention every time I walked past that DVD at the store. 😀

        Yeah, it is making me want to watch it again as well. 😉

        Well, until then, at least there are a few video clips of the film on places like YouTube 😉 .

        Thank you for responding. 🙂

        -John Jr

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