Text/Hand lettering · Watercolour

Day 18: Text


I got to play with a bit more hand lettering practise today, yay! If it wasn’t for this challenge it still would have been in the ‘things I want to try with watercolours’ list for a little while longer.


To keep it simple and not too taxing, I wrote one of my favourite haiku and a couple verses. Painting the flowers was fun but the chinese brushwork inspired bit had my little brain lighting up with joy at having pulled that off!


This painting was a tremendous inspiration. I love the simplicity of chinese paintings – the expression of nature is always so beautifully executed.


I used acrylic ink for the text and painted in watercolours. If it wasn’t for time Im sure I would’ve written and painted all day. There are so many styles of text I want to try – and get better at.


These aren’t that great but I’m happy with ’em. I’m getting better with using my brushes but I’m seeing that it would be in my favour to get better quality brushes (I love that I can recognize that now – before; a brush was a brush was a brush ^_^).



2 thoughts on “Day 18: Text

  1. hi sissh, your calligraphy is so amazing. I wanna share it with my friends through my page Our daily bread unofficial, don’t worry ill give credit to you. Thank you

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Angelo. Thanks! Of course I wouldn’t mind you linking to these – thanks for asking! They aren’t all completely original but I’m glad you like them. ^-^


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