Day 17: Scarf


Scarves are great. They’re so versatile and add so much to an outfit for their simplicity. I love wearing them, making them (have even made a few crochet patterns in the past) but never thought to paint them before. Turns out that is fun too!


At first I was going to illustrate a simple pattern but decided to paint a scarf… which turned to three.


This was a fun prompt! I think I could draw scarves all day. ^_^



23 thoughts on “Day 17: Scarf

  1. Hello Sissh,

    The second painting is my favorite as well, I was surprised by the detail on the scarf, and I like how it fits with the girl wearing it. 🙂

    Also it was great to hear that you have also made actual scarves before, I may not know how to do that, but I think that is great when people learn how to make and do things themselves. 😉

    Keep up the good work,
    -John Jr

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  2. You are welcome Sissh.

    For some reason I did not get a WordPress.com Notification for your reply to my comment, fortunately I got an email alert about it because I enabled that option, this happened to me recently when someone else replied to one of my comments on their blog; I may have to report this to the WordPress.com Staff if this keeps happening, so far it has only happened twice this week.

    -John Jr


    1. Oh no… Yeah that would be a good idea – they would need to know if a problem like that persists.
      I’m glad you turned email notification on – good on you for thinking smart! I think I’ll go check my settings too just in case.

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      1. Hello Sissh,

        Nope, I never used the mobile or computer apps for WordPress.com before.

        I have always used the WordPress.com website from a desktop and sometimes a laptop, and I have never blogged from a mobile phone (I just got my first smartphone ever about halfway through 2015) or tablet computer (I never owned a tablet computer yet).

        I am not sure how some people blog from a mobile phone or tablet computer, that would be too hard and slow and annoying for me to do. 😀

        -John Jr

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    1. There are some great and convenient things about smartphones, I would probably be more comfortable if I were to use an app that trains you on typing with a smartphone, like we did back in public school to learn how to type on a computer keyboard; and then I imagine that my opinion and comfort level would change a bit. 😉

      -John Jr

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  3. Hello Sissh,

    I may know why I do not get WordPress.com Notifications to some replies sometimes (this happened again today with your reply on this post), I could be wrong, but if the person replying to my comment does not click the Reply option under my comment or under my comment in the WordPress.com Notification area then I may only get an email alert if I have that option enabled.

    I think that this is done to avoid people getting WordPress.com Notifications every time someone comments or replies on a post or page, and instead it only alerts you to direct replies to your comments only; but with the email options you can get alerts for all comments and replies, even comment and replies not directed at you.

    I could be wrong about this though. 😉

    -John Jr

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  4. Hello Sissh,

    I noticed on your About Page that you put your email address in a reply, posting your email address publicly like that is usually not a good idea and will increase your chances of getting spam and hacking attempts at your email address by bots and/or hackers and/or spammers, and so using a Contact Form (Contact Page) instead is usually recommended 😉 :


    You can see an example of a Contact Form on my Contact Page on my blog.

    WordPress.com uses Akismet to help protect our blogs and Contact Forms from spammers.

    Stay safe,
    -John Jr

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  5. Well, getting spam and hacking attempts is not guaranteed, but your chances are increased when publicly sharing your email address completely like that; fortunately adding a Contact Form is easy and only takes a few seconds on WordPress.com. 😉

    There are several ways to add a Contact Form but the method that I use is to copy and paste this shortcode to a page and name that page Contact or whatever you want to call it:


    You are welcome Sissh.

    -John Jr

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