Day 13: Tea


I’m one of those people who love tea. It amazes me how one plant can be responsible for all kinds of tea. Camellia sinensis (read more about it here) is black tea, dark tea, green tea, oolong (wulong), white tea and puer/pu-erh (a mysterious tea that was illegal to import to the U.S. until 1995 and thats production is a closely guarded state secret in China)


And if thats not enough the many mixtures of herbal teas is quite spectacular with floral blends and fruity blends galore. Not to mention the exciting blooming flower tea’s – a flower blooming in your tea must surely be a treat in winter. I haven’t tried the latter, and a bunch of other tea’s yet, but they’re on my list!


For the sake of simplicity and due to lack of time and the fact my sinus’ were giving me hell the whole time, I painted little sketches of basil tea (which is great for so many ailments but also for stress relief and memory improvement), chamomile tea (which I love for its taste but it is useful for anxiety and aids in a good nights sleep amongst other many things), 3 little bowls of dried tea leaves and honey which I dislike on its own but  is great in teas.


I did not to any pencil sketches – just dove straight into it -paint on paper. I notice I’m doing this more often as it forces me to pay closer attention while working faster. I guess this challenge really is doing me good. ^_^



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