Day 12: Time


Seriously, ‘time’ crept up on me. I was hoping I would have a chance to plan this one out… but no.
After much frustration with potential directions, I decided to go with a pocket watch, ’cause why not old school right? I held a pocket watch once when I was a child and I don’t remember most of the details but I remember thinking it was pretty cool while my dad told me all about ’em.
So I did a search and found lots of steam punk inspired pocket watches, interestingly. Steam punk was an added bonus because it allowed me to add a time travel element that fit quite nicely into todays prompt.
I personally am not a that into steam punk though – I mean I appreciate the works (books, movies, comics,etc) well enough, but I’m more of a cyberpunk chick myself; robots and nanotech, and the scifi noir scene is more to my liking.
Anyway this piece was super hard to work on. The detailing was fun to play around with when I was doing the pencil sketch but the really fun part to paint was the key (it makes me wonder what secrets it unlocks…are they in the past or in the future).



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