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Day 11: Outer Space

Outer space… so many objects, such grand, infinite, exploration; I got so overwhelmed trying to pick something to paint! Finally, though, I found a photograph that made me decide on the milky way – our very own home in the great expanse. I enjoy painting galaxies every now and then but I’ve never painted an actual one.
It was pretty tricky to get done and took me super long but I’m pretty happy with the outcome. If it wasn’t for this challenge I’m pretty sure this would have been another ‘unfinished’ piece but thank goodness for deadlines and must-get-done’s (albeit self-imposed) to force that extra oomph out of you.


The reference was taken from the southern hemisphere which is a great spot for observing the sky – the north is great too and has its beauty, but the south is clustered with dazzling visible objects to the naked eye, such as the large and small Magellanic clouds you’ll see to the far upper left, which are actually dwarf galaxies that orbit our milky way.

After that I was on a painting high (getting it to look at least the way it does felt like an achievement!) and I went on to paint six tiny little nebula on a single page – a quick, little gratifying exercise.


Space is pretty awesome but I’m certain you don’t need me to tell you that!

Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Day 11: Outer Space

    1. Lol thank you!!! I didnt really use a particular technique, the paper was just really super wet and I used about 4 different blues + but I think the stars made it work more than anything…

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